4# Signs Which could mean Your Garage Door Motor Needs Replacing

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Every week Ace Garage Door Repairs Perth service, repair and replace all types of Roller & Garage Door Motors Perth-wide. Alex our lead service technician talks about how to avoid this cost and the signs which *might* mean its too late!

Preventative Maintenance

The price of a Garage Door Motor is not a cost you should not have to encounter every few years. With regular maintenance, modern brands such as Merlin Garage Door Motors can last well over 10 years. 

Like a car however, If the Roller Door Motor has been neglected for some time, it can dramatically shorten it’s life. Service your Garage Door regularly to avoid irreversible damage! 

However, if it’s too late and you’re in that predicament, the slightly better news is that a replacement motor includes a comprehensive service and multiple Garage Door Remotes. So if it is time for a new Garage Door Motor, you can offset the costs of these annual and upcoming costs against the investment. Just make sure you keep up with servicing so this time your brand new motor lasts a lifetime!

How to tell if your Garage Door Motor is Broken

While diagnosis by a Garage Door Professional is still essential  – these are the key signs to look out for which MIGHT indicate a replacement Garage Door Motor is not far away:

  1. Excessive Noise or Vibration: as it ages , the motor in your Opener will start to strain under the same weight it could pull in the past. While some noise is normal, listen out for creaking, squeaking or clanking as urgent signs to call a Garage Door Repairer ASAP. 
  2. Slowing down: This is not strictly limited to a failingGarage Door Motor. The newest motors have safety features which see them open Doors much slower than they used too. But if your Garage Door has become sluggish suddenly, it can be another sign of increased wear, tear and strain on the motor. 
  3. Pressing the Remote Makes a Whirring Sound but the Garage Door Won’t Open – Check your remote batteries first, but failing this, a replacement motor is the second most likely cause of this problem. 
  4. Hit and Miss: Sometimes we receive calls from customers unable to open their doors who find the problem has fixed itself 15 minutes later. Good news perhaps but don’t celebrate too soon. Most often, this is caused by an overheating opener from an aged or underpowered motor. It will happen again and then eventually it will not work at all. 

None of these on its own are 100% confirmation you need a new Garage Door Motor. Ace Garage Doors Perth will do a comprehensive diagnosis and discuss all the options for the most cost effective and reliable solution. 

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