Do I really need to service my Garage Door every year?

Do I really need to service my Garage Door each year? 

The reality is, like with most mechanical maintenance, neglecting your Garage Door will only lead to increased costs in the future from expensive  emergency repairs needed when fundamental parts fail. 

For many people in Perth, the Garage Door is the primary entrance to the family home. Its the largest mechanical component in the residence and will go up and down thousands of times over each year. 

Annual Garage Door Services not only prolong the life of your door but protect the safety of your family by picking up potential problems before they occur.

A Garage Door that has not been adequately maintained can cause serious injury. The average Garage Door in Perth weighs over 100kg and if a spring snaps when the door is fully raised, it’s full weight will crash to the ground in 0.48 seconds. It’s impossible to get out of the way in that time and an object of that weight falling onto a car or person can be very serious indeed.

Accidents can also result from the opener having incorrectly adjusted up or down force, or safety sensors being improperly aligned. 

While Australian statistics are not currently recorded, in the USA an average of 18,000 people are injured annually by Garage Doors or Garage Door openers. That’s a frightening statistic! 

Issues like  unbalanced springs, frayed cables or inadequately tensioned doors are easy and inexpensive to fix but MUST be done by a trained professional. 

While its a common misbelief  that if the door is still functioning then everything is in order,  there are various components that a experienced garage door repair technician is familiar with that the average homeowner will not be aware of. 

These can include end and center bearings, stationary and set cones, the flag and top roller bracket – not to mention the more obvious inclusions like motors, springs and tracks. 

A regular Garage Door Service in Perth costs around $120-$150 which is a negligible investment when it comes to the safety of your family and price of a major or emergency repair to a fallen door. 

Ace Garage Door Repairs Perth operate through out the metro region in Perth Western Australia, covering both North and South of the river and take online Bookings for Garage Door Repair & Service as soon as the same day. 

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