Garage Door Service

Maintenance of your Garage Door

The Garage Door is often the largest mechanical component of the Perth family home or business premises and should be regularly serviced every 6 – 12 months depending on the frequency of use.

Like with any type of service, Garage Door Maintenance restricts wear, tear and damage, will minimise noisy Garage Door sounds and pick up any issues before they become a dangerous accident or costly emergency repair.

Garage Door Safety Risks

A neglected Garage Door can cause serious injury and it is imperative that all Garage Door Service & Repairs are carried out only by trained professionals. To the untrained eye, a Garage Door which is operational may appear to be completely safe and the absence of a burnt out motor they may lead the home-owner to think a Garage Door Service is not necessary.

However the less visible aspects such as bearings, stationary and set cones, roller brackets, lubrication and chain and spring tension need to be checked by an experienced technician and potential problems captured before they fail and cause an emergency.

The average Perth Roller Door weighs in excess of 100kg putting immense pressure on its components. If a Spring snaps when the Garage door is fully raised, it’s full weight can crash to the ground in less than half a second – insufficient time for a vehicle or person to move out from underneath.

It’s impossible to get out of the way in that time and an object of that weight falling onto a car or person can be very serious indeed. Ace Garage see fallen Garage Doors in Perth on a weekly basis such as the one pictured below in Landsdale, Perth, Western Australia.

Annual / Regular Garage Door Service

A Comprehensive Ace Garage Door Service in Perth starts from $120 and includes:

  • a maintenance and alignment test
  • examination of all safety systems and complete safety inspection check
  • an inspection of all components particularly those parts most likely to fail 
  • tension adjustment on springs/chain
  • lubrication of all moving components

Make a minor investment in the safety of your family, home or business as well as the lifetime value of your Garage Door. Contact Ace in Perth WA on 0409 219 567 or simply click and book online now.